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A reliable solar energy solution provider

CETC India is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and promotion of solar photovoltaic cells. As a member of CETC group, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, we rely on CETC group's advanced solar PV equipment and technology, as well as the complete solar industry chain support, to provide high performance and affordable solar PV cell products to India and the world. Now, we have established a 350 MW solar PV cell production line in Sricity Industrial Park, Andhra Pradesh, India. The conversion efficiency of the cells has reached the advanced level in solar industry. We will continue our efforts to promote green energy and create a low-carbon future, and to make solar energy benefits to all.

Our Products

Cost effective solar solutions for all your needs

Monocrystalline PERC Solar Cell

Aluminium Oxidepassivation layer deposited with in-line PECVD

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Polycrystalline Solar Cell

Silicon nitride antireflection coating deposited with PECVD

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